What is LetsDoChina.org?

China is opening wider for business, and welcomes foreign suppliers, service providers, and investors. Our mission is to accelerate your journey to China. We want to make sure that you’re supported along the way, whether you’re new to exports, or you seek opportunities to grow & scale.

As a portal, #LetsDoChina guides you through all those key stages, from the initial knowledge to market expansion. We bring together the people that make this happen day-in day-out to provide you with up-to-date, first-hand information, know-how and insights.

Why? Because we’re passionate about making global opportunities happen and we want to add to the discussion; enhancing the tools available to innovative businesses and entrepreneurs. But we don’t stop there. We take you across the bridge and walk the path with you. We believe the future is global and belongs to forward-looking businesses that see beyond a zero-sum game.

Initiatives & Insights

Initiatives & Insights

Guiding you through Chinese national & provincial initiatives, plus domestic policies that will benefit your business in China.

Trade & Investment

Trade & Investment

Knowledge from across our expanding network of private and public sectors, delivering leads & opportunities directly to you.

Cross-cultural Business Comms

Business Communications

Build and enhance your business relationships by learning effective friendly communication, cultural etiquette, and protocol.

#LetsDoChina Events & Webinars

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UK, LEEDS — 2019-01-21

Network & Celebrate Chinese New Year 2019 with #LetsDoChina

Meet, support good cause, celebrate Chinese New Year with #LetsDoChina & RedChilli restaurant


Network & Celebrate Chinese New Year 2019 with #LetsDoChina


Meet, support good cause, celebrate Chinese New Year with #LetsDoChina & RedChilli restaurant

UK, LEEDS — 2019-03-12

Decoding Chinese consumers

Understanding China's consumer culture, trends and behaviours is key for businesses wanting to export

UK, LEEDS — 2019-03-20

Protecting your Intellectual Property

Knowing the strategies of IP protection in China is key for exporters wanting to boost their international sales

2019 Q1-Q4

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Knowledge network

Simple and thorough. Up-to-date comprehensive knowledge, and insights.

Our first-hand, fresh, and current experience comes from working alongside our network of strategic partners across China. From key private sector players, to organisations, policy-makers & govt agencies, we turn your challenges into opportunities. Taking your brand, products, and services to market.

Find the missing piece

Across sectors. No matter where you are in terms of size or export experience.

Our knowledge is cross-functional and transferable. We cover the crucial aspects — both industry-led perspectives and regional segmentation, allowing you to be more competitive. Whether that’s Free Trade Zones, Technology & Science Parks, or the latest trends on regulations, we’ve got it covered.

Success strategy

Alternative approach. Contagious energy & ambition to seize market potential.

An open and inclusive hub of industry insight leading you towards a fresh approach to your international sales strategy. With different formats to suit you — seminars, round-table workshops, exclusive forums & more — so you know what’s current, what customers want, and what buyers are looking for.

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At LetsDoChina.org we work with forward-looking businesses and entrepreneurs from across the globe. We're always on the lookout for like-minded individuals and organisations that want to challenge the conventional. Together, let's make opportunities happen.

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